About us

Breaking grounds in Turkey's jewelry sector, Atasay Jewelry is an Atasay Group company that keeps paving the way for the sector under their concept of quality, design and service. Besides, it also makes a significant amount of budget for related investments to enhance the quality level in the international standards and to build up a trust in both gold refinery and lab services by carrying out a work on the necessary theoretical, practical and structural areas. Firstly, Atasay has proved its success through getting accreditation by Istanbul Gold Exchange in Turkey's gold market. Thereafter, aiming to upgrade its quality in producing bullion to the international standards, it applied to LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), the most recognized accreditation body in gold markets in the world. Having gained a great success in the gold analysis and the quality of bullion tests carried out by LBMA, Atasay even astonished LMBA and crowned its brand and name with LBMA's London Good Delivery (LGD) Certificate.